Olufunmilayo Faloyin
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Olufunmilayo Faloyin who was born in Nigeria on 31 Juli 1931 and passed away on 16 Mei 2011 at the age of 79. We will remember her forever.
Tributes and Condolences
Goodnight Mama   / Ronke Oyewopo (Daughter)
I am still in denial about your death. Each time i go to bed i always wake up thinking it was a bad dream. Mami you were an embodiment of motherhood. Even at the point of death you kept reassuring me that all is well.  Mami I don't know what li...  Continue >>
I miss u so much Grandma   / Kemi Cele-Nnaeto ("adopted granddaughter" )
It was a shock to know u left us i haven't stopped thinking about u all the humor we shared all ur prayers for me all the little presents ever so often how u always leave me ur egg yolk to eat as u weren't allowed those  ur meticulous and tast...  Continue >>
Expressing my condolence   / Olajide Isaac Omisore (Son of Olaperi (Nee Faloyin) )
Sorry to hear about the loss. We wanted to let you know that you have our deepest sympathy and our hearts are truly saddened to hear about Mama's dealth. We extend our utmost condolences to the entire family. "Mei God give you Strenght"...  Continue >>
adieu  / Bola Adewale (mommy)
My sincere condolence to the children and faloyins famillies for the lose of our mother mrs olafumilayo faloyin mei her soul rest in perfect peace .Amen. ( olaperi omisore's daugther U.S.A
Message of condolence   / Abiodun Omisore (Olaperi Omisore's son )
My sincere condolences to our friends and family for the loss of our dear mother Mrs Olufunmilayo Faloyin. Mei her soul rest in peace.
Missing U Grandma  / K.     Read >>
MISS U MAMA  / Veronica &. Feranmi Dosumu (Grandchildren)    Read >>
Expressing My Condolences  / Olasunkanmi Omisore (Olaperi Omisore (Nee Faloyin) Son- London )    Read >>
Expressing my Condolence  / Bode Omisore (Olaperi Omisore(Nee Faloyin) son(USA) )    Read >>
Lovely Grandma  / M. A. (Granddaughter)    Read >>
Grandma... / Rolake Balogun (Granddaughter)    Read >>
Sweet Mother  / Aderonke Oyewopo (Daughter)    Read >>
R I P  / Sunday Oluwaseun John (Family/Friend)    Read >>
Grandma, We love you but i know God loves you more  / Gary &. Dami Blackman (Grandaughter & Husband )    Read >>
Its so hard to say good bye grandma!!!  / Opeyemi Faloyin (Grand child )    Read >>
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